Strength of a Woman

It hit me this morning how resilient Women are. I think I forgot. Things happen to us and we still move on and take everything in stride. Not to say they don’t affect us..But, looking at certain experiences, it’s amazing how one could make it out alive, and still [somewhat] sane.

Women keep shit. In a bid to always keep everything calm and peaceful, we know that sometimes, we have to be silent. Sometimes, we have to be strong, on our own.

It’s the miscarriage you hide from your mom.

The make up you buy to cover up your bruises.

The not so good school results you keep to yourself.

The things you never say because once you start’s real, and you’ll have to deal with it and answer the hard questions.

We carry shit.

Maybe it’s because I write about things that I’ve made it through a lot of shit. My thoughts never get the opportunity to break me down and honestly, I step outside of situations and as far as I’m concerned, my life is nothing but one long [interesting] story. Nothing more, nothing less.

I find looking at yourself as a character rather than your actual Self could get you through a lot.  Observing and learning yourself rather than constantly being yourself.

Because Life gets heavy you know…You don’t need to be a part of the [Your] World all the time. 


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