Ask no questions. Hear no lies.

Lately, I’ve been annoyed by the constant stream of questions people throw my way.

“What’s been happening? What’re you doing with your Life? Did you sort that issue out? Why’ve you been silent? Who’re you seeing?”

Nothing annoys me more. 

I don’t know if I didn’t notice it growing up or my trust issues have something to do with it but trust that if I get such questions from you, I will not speak to you.

It’s all rather personal.

I get wanting to build a relationship with people but wanting to know everything is some shit.

Who gives a shit what I had for breakfast? 

Ask how my day was if you want, sure, I get that, but why ask everyday?

I feel like a lot of people just want to..consume.

Do you know how much irrelevant information you pick up in a day? Do you even care about half the shit you ask about?

I have one basic question. “You good?” It’s a Yes/No response. If you want to tell me things, do so. If not, I’m not bothered.

People read your blog, follow you on Twitter, have you on Whatsapp, are your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and still are nothing more than acquaintances. And that’s alright.

You see my constant stream of thoughts and you STILL want more?

“Give them an inch, they take a mile.”

Well I have nothing for you.

I said recently, If I don’t willingly offer the information, don’t ask me. I don’t want you to know. 

I know it may seem a bit odd..Like some bullshit, that I’d blog about wanting privacy..Well, respect..of personal space. But fuck it. 

I don’t know you. You don’t know me and you don’t really have to, not how you’d like.

And that’s alright.

I swear it is. 


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