The Pleasure Principle

That sex that makes you  forget every single thing you said you’d never do. That’s what I’m having. I find keeping the details to myself makes the experience that much sexier. As much as I’d like to tell my friends, I’d rather I be the only one who looks at him a certain way. I’d rather he be the only one who knows what it means when I casually ask him to come help me look for something. And boy does he look..Hmm.

As someone with specific sexual preferences I find it rather hard [haha] to find someone who satisfies me completely and with little to no direction from me. I can have good sex, and I have had it, but it takes a certain someone or certain level of understanding between two people to have great sex. Earth shattering orgasms, bruises that last for days on end and scars that make you smile every time you look at them.. that’s rare to come by.

So when I do, I get excited. I get hype. I tell my friends. I’m less irritable. I’m lovely. That sex that’s so good I wanna move into your house,cook for you, record your favourite TV shows and shut up during soccer. That sex that’s so good you want to be his Bitch.

Fuck. It’s a bloody shame that I’m even typing this right now. It goes against the Pimp Manual but…I might just lie and delete it later. Might. Take this as me showing appreciation for a good thing. And that’s alright..Right?

So I was telling my friend about this certain man, my friend is a guy and I was trying to tell him how amazing the sex is. I say ‘trying’ because I’m fairly certain all I managed was “He..Yo..I’ve never been..Guy..” and giggles. And he said “You know it doesn’t matter how it  happened, whether you were on top or he was, it doesn’t really matter who fucked who, men don’t like it when women take control in bed.” Now at this point I paused my enthusiasm and just stared. I wasn’t ready for his BS. So I asked him to elaborate. How certain was he of what he’d just said? To which he said “No man wants to go tell his friends that ‘That girl fucked the shit out of me’..You look like a bitch.” I said “No my guy, you look like a man who had sex that he thoroughly enjoyed. How is that bitch shit? It’s because you have certain ideas of what defines masculinity, even in the bedroom, that you can’t even enjoy fucking.”

So my Sex Glow turned into me questioning whether this is really some shit guys think about. “I don’t want her to ride me cos then I’ll look like a bitch.” “I can’t eat her out because then she might think she’s on my level..” I just..I can’t.  So, street cred + “masculinity” > Orgasms? Honey, no.

I think sex is a wonderful thing man. One of the few things one can still do without having the burden of how you look and what impression you’re giving off. 

Part of the reason why this man and I get along so well in the sack is the fact that we have no time for awkward moments. I adore his naked body and put it to good use and so does he. He knows what I like and pleasures me and I do all I can to please him. He understands that I give him my body to do with as he’d like and I am already half way there when he tells me what he wants me to do.

He’s a man who doesn’t worry about “being a bitch” because..Frankly, fuck it, who cares?

How can you be a bitch when you have a nude woman on top of you? I  swear we spend so much time thinking about senseless shit we don’t even get the opportunity to enjoy ourselves.

Leave your Swag at the door when you come in, love.

Please and Thank You. 

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