“Only stupid women fall pregnant”

..And to think,I used to agree with this statement. I didn’t quite understand how one can have an unwanted baby in this day and age. I’m not sure if I was naive or just plain dumb. But you live and you learn. Things happen and just as everyday mistakes happen and questionable choices are made, the same occurs when it comes to sex.

I know a lot of intelligent, responsible women who’ve slipped up. Whether it was unprotected sex with a partner, drunk sex with a friend or that one time the condom broke and they ignored it. It doesn’t diminish their intelligence. Maybe they didn’t react swiftly enough. Maybe they hoped for the best. Maybe they simply ignored it. It happens. 

To be quite honest, you have no idea how easy it is to fall pregnant until you do. And when it does happen, it’s up to you to see how you’re going to go about it. Those who chose to have abortions, I respect.  It takes courage and strength to make that decision and live with it. As it does to keep the baby.

I know teenage mothers who kept their babies. Some dropped out of school to take care of their children and have become wonderful, supportive mothers. They understood the fact that once you bring a child into the world, you yourself are no longer a child. They are women in every sense of the word. Regardless of whether the father’s there or not, and most of the time he isn’t, they’ve done what they needed to do. 

Those who made the decision to get an abortion often get the question “Well how did you get pregnant if you didn’t want one?” Imagine dealing with putting your life in order and getting that question. Really. I don’t even think it’s any of our business how this happens, but we tend to forget that we don’t have a say in the next [wo]man’s life. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d rather you get an abortion than bring a child into the world you don’t want/can’t handle. People like to call it murder and hide behind morality, well I think it’s wrong for you to bring a child into the world you can’t love. Nobody likes a selfish mother, but if you’re no one’s parent, by all means, be as selfish as you please.

You bring your child into the world, stay home all of one month then you’re back to drinking and partying, leaving YOUR baby to those around you, making your responsibility theirs, you won’t breastfeed because you’re more worried about the fact that apparently your breasts will sag if you do and having men find you attractive is much more appealing to you than your baby’s health..And you still have the audacity to judge those who know they aren’t ready to be mothers?

You don’t get that right. You really don’t. 

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