“Not my country. Not my people. Not my issue.”

“Why is it that Batswana pay more attention to South African issues than their own? They’re always in an uproar about issues elsewhere but they don’t know what’s happening here.” I read this a couple of weeks ago and it was the plain and simple truth.

We claim to be patriotic, well, not really, we just support the leading Party because most were raised believing we should and the President is Jesus and MPs his disciples. And as a sign of our patriotism we question nothing and do only what we should, hardly ever what we can.

Looking at the youth, there is an underlying hatred for our country, it’s resources, it’s state of development and it’s people.  As I told my friend, In Bots, we spend our youth blissfully ignorant, you reach your late teens and that’s the time you feel you NEED to leave. You spend your 20s working on getting as far away as possible, but honey, if by your late 20s you’re still here.. You’ll never leave.

I find it difficult to take angry Batswana seriously. Honestly, even when issues concern them, the most they’ll do is discuss them in a Combi ride home and even then, it’s the old drunk guy who has something to say.

A few weeks ago there was an uproar on Bots Twitter over allegations that Choppies sold expired food to people and would merely changes the labels but sell the same products. Apparently they were also selling people products under false pretences  and a few hours later, someone found a cat ear in their meat. I was personally completely unaffected. Why? Because I knew what would happen and it did. They complained for a few days. Then they continued buying from the store and life went on as usual.

It’s hard to care about people who would rather walk around with eyes closed. And I think maybe that’s why it’s every man for himself. You can want to show people that governments don’t always have their best interests at heart, you can try to teach women that they deserve everything men do, you can try to teach the children that obedience isn’t always the key, but when they would rather be Bible thumping, beer guzzling, passive aggressive individuals, won’t the smart man see it more fruitful to better himself and leave well enough alone to a certain degree?

Our people are more concerned with a Leader’s sexual orientation than missing funds. They complain of teenage pregnancy but sex education in schools would be considered taboo and they would think free birth control would be encouraging the kids to have sex. Increased alcohol prices get more attention than failing students from certain parents.  The Power Corporation says we won’t have stable power til June and we… Update our statuses.

Batswana will complain about foreigners coming here to profit but would rather not start small.. Start a tuckshop,buy combis,because what would the neighbours say? They might think we’re poor.

Basically, when it comes to national issues,we understand that change requires effort.. A movement. If people do not share your vision, your hope for progress, what are you to do? That’s what I need to understand. What?

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