Thoughts on Love

It’s when you have to explain unconditional love to people that you realize just how loveless the average person is. For many of us, it’s “I love her because she’s always been there for me/He cares” or some other mess. Which means when they stop all that, you won’t love them the same, if at all.

And that right there is what we have. I give you BECAUSE you give me.
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it. I, personally, can do without that though. 
When two people care about each other and someone says “You should be together”. What makes you think they aren’t already together?Of course what they mean is “You should parade your Love in front of everyone so we believe it’s authenticity.” And isn’t that a shame..That you need other people to see it and comment on it in order to believe it truly exists.
What I’ve learned is that the people you change for don’t love you the way they should. They never do. Nothing, nothing beats simply BEING with someone, as you are. Free to speak your mind, to laugh, NOTHING, but Be. Comfortable. It doesn’t even need to be romantic. But you always fall in love with the people you truly love. You love them in all ways.
There’s a difference between belonging to each other by choice and being tied down to one another because you want to own what you “love”. You can never own a human being. Even the one that you create is not yours.A lot of us spend our time uncomfortable, answering silly questions, trying to care about people the way we think we’re “supposed” to.
What do you know about Comfortable love? No, I don’t mean, We’ve Known Each Other For A Long Time love.Intimacy. Something unaffected by time.
Have you ever met a person you just..fell into..? They feel like home from the very moment you stop pretending to be put together.We spend most of our time with other humans trying to be Less Than what we are to make them comfortable.
Who thinks you’re beautiful simply because you exist? Not because they like your face, or what you do for them, but because you Are…
The only thing a person who cares about you should “let” you do is be what you want to be. Understanding between two people is so precious. I can’t stress this enough. 
Everybody else is outside. And you can try to paint a picture for them but.. It’s never enough.. You can’t EXPLAIN beauty.

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