Getting Bi.

A piece that I wrote. 🙂


By Tshegofatso

I guess I’ve always identified as Bisexual.  Before I even knew that such a label existed I was attracted to both boys and girls and it wasn’t an issue for me. In my eyes I liked who I liked and I felt no need to tell anyone or explain it.

The first sign that who I was wasn’t exactly “acceptable” in society was when my cousin (an overzealous Christian who believed one should only date to marry and only in their late twenties) walked in on me kissing my  former girlfriend. She was shocked…appalled possibly.  After she asked the girl to leave she sat me down and told me that ‘we don’t do that’  because  God didn’t like it and that I shouldn’t let the Devil lead me into Sin.  ‘Women are supposed to be with men’ she continued and concluded by identifying my behavior as one of the reasons why…

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