P.S Fuck You

I’m tired, so I’ll probably swear a lot.


Not an hour passes that I don’t read some violent/stupid shit aimed at women.  

“If I catch my bitch wearing a mini skirt in the club Imma choke the ho out.”

“I was trying to holler at this bitch but she was tripping so I told her she’s probably a lesbian, plus she’s ugly anyway, and walked off.”

“You can’t let these hos get comfortable fam.”


And these men are praised for this shit.  They have their little friends cheering them on and praising their bullshit as the Gospel. 

We’re sick of your shit, to be honest. 

Men have become the biggest bitches of Life and pretend they don’t give a fuck whether because they don’t spend enough time reflecting and so don’t know, or they lie to themselves and convince themselves their shit is alright. 

Do you know how many of you really, truly, aren’t shit

No, you don’t because you don’t think about that. 

You convince yourself that because you have a penis and have managed to get your dick wet a few times you’re a MAN. 

Listen, fuck you. 

Fuck you and your low self esteem. 

Fuck you and your lack of self worth. 

Fuck you Bringing Nothing To The Table Yet Always The First To Talk Some Shit ass men. 

The men who got emotional and stopped listening to TLC because No Scrubs described them so perfectly. 

The men who can’t understand that not all women are “hos” and there’s nothing wrong with being a “ho” in the first place.  Whose fault is it that you lack the vocabulary to adequately express yourself?

Your own. 

You know you aren’t shit. 

You know society will hardly ever chastise you for picking on the group they’ve tried to convince us is less than yours. 

You take the easy way out, because you’re a bitch. 

The same men who will call every woman a bitch, but his mother. 

Well guess what, your mother had to open her legs twice. First to make the mistake of creating you, then to push you out. 

Is she a ho too? 

To put it frankly, you’re stupid. You’re not just ignorant, you’re downright stupid as fuck. 

And you’re lazy, your entire existence is you being and doing as little as possible and you know what that makes you? 

Ain’t Shit. 

And even if you never have anyone tell you this again, it will ring true. 

You bring NOTHING worth having to society. 

You bloody ingrates. 

It’s such a shame that you’re going to reproduce and try to teach more human beings your nonsense. 

Such a damn shame you even exist in the first place. 


  1. Some of this ladies want to be treated as a queen, yet behave like trash.

    Someof you will visit your brothers and complain about how there wives had treated you; forgetting what you preached was what was melted on you.

    If only you understood why your mama was honored by your father, you’d sit up and act with morals.
    This is africa, our culture is dfferent and supreme.

    1. See, when you come here trying to justify this kind of behaviour, I have no time for your opinion.
      And pulling the “This is Africa” card shows me that you must be quite narrow minded and lack understanding in the fact that human beings are just that, human beings, and this is universal.
      Whatever, man.

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