Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Orgasms* (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Thought Catalog

Son:  Mommy, what’s an orgasm?
Mother:  I don’t know, dear. Ask your father.

Most of us know more about math than we know about orgasms. This is likely due to the fact our climaxes are so uniquely personal. Your orgasm is not my orgasm. Yet, we both agree, there are few bodily pleasures that give you such a rush of cascading sensations as a real live orgasm. Chocolate and cheeseburgers come close (together they’re as powerful as an orgasm, but only as a tag team.)

Despite our general agreement that orgasms are wicked fun, most of us know so very little about them. How silly is that? Imagine having a money tree in your backyard and never watering it. Hell, I’d say it’s worse than that. Orgasms beat money since your health is your true wealth.

Electric flesh-arrows … traversing the body. A rainbow of color strikes the eyelids. A…

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