Superhead: The Brains, The Brilliance and The Blowjobs

As a woman in this society your sexual exploits tend to infamously stick with you til your dying day.  Clinton will be remembered as the President who got head in the Oval office. Monica Lewinsky, the naive, home wrecking cock sucker. Marilyn Monroe will be remembered for her beauty and skill, as well as allegedly sleeping with both the Kennedy brothers. Rihanna’s broken records and made more money than the average person’s great grandchildren combined will probably ever make, but most pop culture enthusiasts are more concerned with whose hotel room she was seen walking out of than her net worth.

This is how it is.

I’ve always loved the Mary Magdalenes of the world. Someone needs to love the “hoes” Snoop Dogg encouraged everyone to leave out in the cold.  I always want to know who they are, where they came from and what they want out of Life.  I always want to know the person behind the vilified persona.



I first heard her name on Game’s “Wouldn’t Get Far”. I had no idea who she was nor what she did, really. I just assumed she was a random video girl with a skill. After doing a bit of research, the crevices of the Internet proved I was right about one of those assumptions.  The name stands for what she’s [in]famous for and that’s how the average person seems to want to know and remember her, it seems.

So imagine my surprise to find that Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is actually a best selling author, entrepreneur, mother, certified Interior Designer and more.


That’s the shit they never tell you. That she wasn’t just a nympho hopping from video set to video set looking for victims, she was actually only on the scene for a year or so.  No one discusses her achievements since then nor how she became who she is.  No one gives her her props and most would sooner call her “the bitch who snitched”, rather than “the Island girl who wrote a book and ended up on Oprah”.


The media focuses more on her tumultuous relationship with Lil Wayne than anything else, really, and so what did she do? Write about it. [How To Make Love To A Martian].


I’m currently on my fourth book by her [The Vixen Diaries] and I absolutely adore her way of writing.  Her matter of fact way of telling her story and the introspection that comes with them have me hooked.  I’ve found reading her work to be akin to listening to an older sister tell you about life and recently, decor.

Karrine, to me, is a perfect example of the duality that exists in any woman.  She’s been strong and brave enough to NOT be boxed in by society’s definition of who a woman can and can’t be.  She’s intelligent, she’s gorgeous and she’s focused.  In my most indecisive moments I’ve found solace and guidance in her words.

She’s amazing, and although I don’t agree with all the things she says, I can’t deny that I feel that she’s a voice many a young woman need to hear.

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